Conflict Management Coaching (CMC)

Conflict management coaching (CMC) improves Airmen capacity to engage with others, handle difficult conversations, and reduce destructive conflict in the workplace. CMC is a structured step-by-step one-on-one process for assisting people in identifying and executing their conflict management goals. This service improves an individuals' ability to negotiate, a core competency in the Air Force, and keeps our Airman focused on the mission. The conflict coaching service involves Airmen receiving up to four 50-minute sessions with a trained coach. The service is conducted either by telephone, webinar, or in person. The coaching service has proven effective in numerous American, Canadian, and Australian federal government agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies. The Air Force conflict management coaching model is simple and effective. Please contact the ADR Manager at your installation for more information.

CMC Model

Download the CMC Model