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The Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program champions effective problem-solving and equips Airmen and Guardians to leverage negotiation and conflict resolution skills to enhance mission readiness. Whether you need a mediator for a workplace dispute or a comprehensive negotiation strategy to optimize your mission’s effectiveness, we will connect you with the tools and resources to create options and command the decision space.

The Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program, with support of key mission partners, is the Department of the Air Force’s leading source for negotiation and dispute resolution training, consulting, coaching, policy, authoritative guidance, mediators, and compliance with the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act.

Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC)
United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
Ira C. Eaker Center for Professional Development

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DAFPD 51-12:  The ability to negotiate successful outcomes is a critical leadership skill of all Airmen and Guardians…It is the Department of Air Force policy to be problem-solvers through the skillful application of negotiation as a first response to either preclude, manage, or resolve conflict and to leverage negotiation and dispute resolution skills to protect resources and enhance readiness.