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The Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Program:
The Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") Program is mandated by the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act ("ADRA") of 1996, 5 USC 571, et seq. This law requires that the head of each federal agency designate a senior official as the agency's dispute resolution specialist who will be responsible for the implementation of the ADRA of 1996 and the agency's ADR policy. Air Force policy with respect to the implementation of this program is set forth in Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 51-12 (January 2003). The Air Force Principal Deputy General Counsel is the Air Force Dispute Resolution Specialist and the Conflict Resolution Division (SAF/GCR) administers the Air Force ADR Program.

The mission of ADR Program is to execute a conflict management program to promote the use of conflict resolution skills at the earliest stage feasible and most appropriate organization level, securing best-value for the Air Force. We continue to maintain a close partnership with the Air Force Judge Advocate General and JAGs around the world as well as the Air Force Negotiation Center at Maxwell AFB, AL, which provides negotiation and conflict resolution skills development to the Total Force.

Our office partners with attorney experts in acquisition/contract, environmental, and international law and negotiation. Our staff develops Air Force ADR policies and regulations and provides advice, assistance, and training in resolving conflicts and disputes without resorting to litigation. We also partner with the Negotiation Center and Eaker Center to develop and provide elite training for our civilians and warfighters.

Our staff assists MAJCOMs and installation ADR managers in scheduling complex mediations; arranging conflict resolution training as requested; providing case support for our attorneys; maintaining our comprehensive website on ADR in general and the ADR Program in particular; and works to expand the scope of our program through building relationships with top experts in the fields of ADR law and conflict resolution techniques.

We are proud to maintain a cutting edge approach to negotiation, conflict management, and dispute resolution. We strive to bring skills, information, and collaborative tactics in these areas across the Air Force while maintaining innovative research efforts. We continue to stay in tune to the needs of the organization, offering an open space for ideas, and providing simple, useful ways to work together.