Avatar: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

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  • By Zachary Kahn
3D computer graphics, an interactive narrative and a whole lot of fun. This isn't the work of James Cameron, this is SAF/GCD's latest computer based training. 

Sarah Stanton recently posted to the Air Force General Counsel blog:

"Our mediators will gain full credit for their required annual mediation refresher training without leaving their office. The scenarios fully integrate a mediator's experience from the time he or she reaches the site of the mediation, by interfacing with the ADR program manager, through the five stage AF mediation model, and concluding with the creation of a settlement agreement. A pre and post assessment expands the scoring process."

Read the full post here.

The system was launched to the field yesterday on 11/29/2012. If you are an interested mediator please contact our office or your ADR program manager.