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  • Negotiation Lessons from the Movie "Draft Day"

    Negotiation consumes our lives and is a skill worth improving. I enjoy watching movies for the excitement and entertainment they provide. I especially like movies involving sports; however, when you throw negotiations into the mix, then I really enjoy them! Most of my professional life deals with negotiation and meditation, so watching movies from
  • Books on Negotiation, Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

     NEGOTIATION Negotiation: Harvard Business Essentials. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, 2003 ISBN:  978-1-59139-111-1 This book provides the basics of negotiation and gives a clear overview on how to prepare for any situation that involves negotiation.  Shares
  • Air Force Negotiation Center Faculty

    Dr. Thomas G. Matyók, Director Associate Professor, Conflict Analysis & Resolution Thomas Matyók is Director of the United States Air Force Negotiation Center and Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Air War College. His research interests include military education and training in
  • Changes to Navy's Career Management System Interactive Detailing Mean More Opportunities at Negotiation

    The Navy announced, in NAVADMIN 231/17, that job announcement windows and the period of time Sailors have to negotiate orders are changing within the Career Management System Interactive Detailing, or CMS-ID, Sept. 18.
  • Alternate dispute resolution program heals workplace disputes

    We are all born different. We have different thoughts, different backgrounds, and different frames of reference when we look at the world. Our methods of interpreting our environment are different from person to person, and it’s these differences that both make us who we are and, unfortunately, create conflict between us. Given the vast spectrum of human personalities, it’s no surprise then that conflict often arises in the most mundane places.