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NDR Managers assist installation commanders in setting workplace dispute mediation policies and procedures as well as promoting the NDR program among all organizations because well-managed conflict is vital to the health of the mission. 

Do you need assistance in setting up an NDR program at your base? Review our Resources section to read the NDR Manager’s Guidebook. The NDR Managers Quick Start Guide offers supporting documents, procedures, and information to help guide you to understanding the benefits of an NDR program. NDR Professionals can get access to our SharePoint page where you can access the full NDR Managers Guidebook. Inside you will find regulations, a sample Program Management Plan to show your commander how the program could operate, and documents to support the mediation process.  

Do you need assistance marketing your NDR Program? The NDR program provides awareness training and development of marketing materials to show how mediation and negotiation support the mission and benefit both parties.

Do you need assistance with your mediation? Check out our YouTube page for quick videos for understanding Joint Sessions, Caucus, Opening statements and more.

Department of Air Force Mediators help parties jointly problem solve disputes to protect resources and enhance readiness. Get help preparing for a facilitation, negotiation, or mediation. We connect you with valuable NDR mediation training resources.


Basic Mediation Training This 4-day course meets the required 32 hours of mediation instruction to become an mediator. This course helps to facilitate workplace disputes using Interest-Base Negotiation concepts. Students are generally expected to serve as additional-duty mediators for two years following completion of training to attend this course you need to be nominated by your command or supervisor for attendance. Please submit a signed nomination form to your local NDR Manager to be considered for the next course.

Upcoming Courses: 5-8 March 2024

Refresher Training Refresher training for Mediators are a set of on- off courses to support the certification requirements once you have become a mediator. This training may be supported at your installation or as a part of a Basic Mediation Course. Contact the NDR team to inquire about Refresher Training to maintain your certification and as a means to reinforce mediation skills.

Additional Resources

NDR Community Workspace - (DAF CAC required) The NDR Community Workspace is a site full of valuable tools and guidance on managing the program, preparing for mediation and forms for NDR practitioners for anyone that manages any aspect of NDR in your organization.

NDR Managers Guidebook (DAF CAC required)  This comprehensive guide provides workplace NDR Managers a wealth of information on how to implement and manage an NDR program at their installation or MAJCOM.

Quick Start Guide - (DAF CAC required) The shortened version of the NDR Guidebook and is a Airmen and Guardian’s go-to resource for negotiation and dispute resolution. The new Quick Start Guide helps workplace NDR managers quickly learn how to succeed and access relevant portions of the Guidebook.

Did You Know?

Mediation services take appropriately 28 days to complete and surveys show a 96% satisfaction rate amongst Department of Air Force participants!


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