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Are you an Air Force or Space Force leader looking for help using negotiation or dispute resolution tools to solve business problems?

You came to the right place!

As the world grows more complex, organizations are tasked with a growing number of shared responsibilities. To reconcile multiple perspectives and solve problems in this challenging environment, it is more important than ever to identify shared interests and mutually beneficial solutions through joint problem-solving.

Learn how we can help you leverage negotiation and dispute resolution to enhance your mission's success.  



We help clients diagnose how conflict or communication challenges are limiting their effectiveness, then help them to design customized, sustainable solutions that transform conflict into game-changing victories.


With our partners, we leverage cutting-edge advances in the field of ADR, law and conflict resolution to deliver point-of-need training materials and customized solutions for your needs.

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Did You Know?

The NDR team is already partnering with Department of the Air Force organizations to enhance mission success.  With our partners in SAF/AQ, we are working to improve acquisitions through business intelligence and negotiation, especially in critical sole-source negotiations.

Additionally, in partnership with AFPC’s Career Assistance Advisor Community, all enlisted personnel now have access to critical conflict management education.