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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.“

– Albert Einstein


Skill Building

  • Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, and Conflict Management Training from our partner, the Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC) to receive a wealth of training to improve your skills as a negotiator, conflict manager, and dispute resolution practitioner.

  • Performance Coaching from our partner, The Ira C. Eaker Center for Professional Development, offers 125 hours of training in performance coaching for civilian employees and 36 hours of advance training in performance coaching for GS-14/15s as part of the Civilian Supervisory and Managerial Development Continuum.  The Eaker Center also offers training in performance coaching as part of its Air Force Squadron Commander Development Course.  In addition, see courses listed in the Air University Catalog.

  • Contact us for customized negotiation and dispute resolution training. The NDR Program staff develops and delivers custom training programs and individualized assessments your organization needs.


  • Contact us at the NDR Program for tools Air Force attorneys and advisors can use to help clients better understand the full range of risks for both litigation and settlement, and to master dispute resolution techniques that increase opportunities for success while minimizing risks

  • Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Course (“NADRC”) - An annual 5-day course for attorneys at the Air Force Judge Advocate General's School, Maxwell AFB, AL.  Sponsored by the NDR Program, this course enhances Interest-Based Negotiation (IBN) and mediation advocacy skills in a wide variety of contexts, including workplace, acquisition, environmental, and international disputes. Air Force legal personnel can submit a nomination through FLITE.

NDR Consulting

Contact us to access consultancy services throughout the Department of Air ForceThe NDR Program helps Air Force land Space Force leaders leverage available negotiation and dispute resolution resources to improve mission accomplishment. 

Additional NDR Services

Click here  to learn about NDR services specific to workplace matters.