Are you a leader looking for better ways to manage and resolve workplace conflict?

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Workplace conflict leads to reduced employee engagement and siphons financial resources away from the mission. Learn how we can help you leverage negotiation and dispute resolution to solve the underlying problems to protect resources and enhance readiness.



We help clients solve the challenging workplace problems that divert critical resources away from the mission. Whether we are helping a MAJCOM design their program or an organization train their team to efficiently deal with workplace conflict, we work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.


In partnership with AFNC, we leverage cutting-edge advances in the fields of ADR, law, and conflict resolution to deliver point-of-need training materials and customized solutions for your needs. (See Training below)


In partnership with ADR professionals across the Department of the Air Force, we offer access to neutrals who can help you use ADR methods, like mediation, to solve the problems underlying conflict in the workplace.

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How to use Mediation as a Problem-Solving Tool

Prepare for success when participating in a workplace mediation. A series of seven short video lessons that both instruct and demonstrate best practices are available throughout SkillPort and milUniversity. Written checklists reinforce what you learn, help minimize your risks, and maximize opportunities during mediation.


Contact us if your organization would like to explore a training solution for your needs.

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Preparing for Mediation Checklist

Benefits of Mediation Checklist

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Opening Statements Checklist

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Caucus Checklist

A Source for Mediators

The Department of the Air Force utilizes a sophisticated training and certification process to prepare Airmen and Guardians to deliver workplace mediation services as an additional duty. Some installations maintain their own cadre of trained and certified mediators. Level II and Level III certified mediators can even be available to assist installations that do not have their own cadre of mediators. 

In appropriate circumstances, the NDR Program can supply expert, professional mediators. Contact us to find out more about mediators who might help in complex situations, including workplace, acquisition, environmental, and legal matters.

Did You Know?


Over 98% of respondents report that Department of the Air Force neutrals are doing a good job helping resolve disputes. 58% of Air Force cases mediated by a 3rd party neutral were resolved (an increase from prior annual year) and the average processing time: 31.4 days! Mediation gets people back to the Mission!


Since 2018, thousands of Department of Air Force supervisors have learned how unresolved conflict negatively impacts productivity and how to use interest-based negotiation technique to resolve the underlying problems.